Where is good for frames?

Where is good for frames?

September 14, 2020

We are asked about frames a lot, so we've gathered together our favourites in a handy list!

8 places we'd recommend:

1. Nielsen - our personal favourite, a really sturdy and premium purchase.  You can buy your A4 and A3 prints framed from us and these are the ones we stock - these frames are aluminium, thin profile and come with acrylic sheets to protect your artwork.  For other sizes try best4frames

2. Habitat

3. John Lewis - the 'Anyday' range is good if you love contemporary, clean lines

4. TK Maxx - always good for a rummage around! 

5. H&M Home 

6. IKEA - we like the Lomviken, it's very lightweight.

7. Postery

8. DeSenio 

9. Your local framers if you want to support independent! 

We use a variety of frames in our photography, but our favourites are Nielsen, IKEA, Postery.  It's worth double checking measurements on each frame, and most places also show measurements with and without mount, depending on the kind of look you want to go for.